About Us

About Us – Wind Auto Windscreen established since 2011, with more than 10 years of experience in car windscreen industries.

Specialized in windscreen repair and replacement.

Over the years, Wind Auto Windscreen has developed an excellent reputation.

Wind Auto Windscreen provide affordable prices and the high standards of skills and knowledge.

Wind Auto Windscreen provide windscreen not only front and rear glass, also provide sunroof glass and quarter glass too.

Multiple types of windscreen can be find at Wind Auto Windscreen such as shatter proof and break proof.

Each type of windscreen is design and make by well known manufacturer to ensure the safety of driver and passenger.

Wind Auto Windscreen windscreen is make to provide superior clear vision for a smoother and safer drive.

The uniqueness of our windscreen supplies always rely on the safety of the vehicle users first.

High quality and high standard tint film is available at Wind Auto Windscreen.

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Our malay version website https://www.cerminkereta.my